The day before I was due to head to Los Cabos to shoot a wedding, a minty Leica Minilux arrived at my house, fresh off the plane from Japan. I've never been a point and shoot kind of guy, but after reading some blogs and seeing some images from the less-automatic Minilux and Contax T2, I was intrigued.

The T2 is currently trading in cult dollars and paying $1000 for one simply wasn't an option. I wanted good glass and I wanted it as fast as I could get it, so despite the scary notion of an E02 error, I placed my Minilux order.

The Minilux is not pocketable in the same sense that a packet of cigarettes is pocketable, however you can throw it in a pocket and it's not very cumbersome to carry around – that is exactly what I was looking for in this camera and surprised myself with how much I used it on this trip. I literally went everywhere with me, often I will carry my M6 around, but there are certainly situations where the M6 is a bit too much to juggle when on the move, so this is where it's mini Japanese cousin comes into its own.

There isn't much more to say about this little beast. Is the viewfinder small? Yes, but I didn't find it bothered me much throughout my travels.

Here is the first "test roll" of Ilford Fp5+ fresh off the scanner.

Now I know what it's capable of, the real fun starts. Stay tuned for more Mexico on film.

Leica Minilux // FP5+ // LC29 // Pakon F135 Scans